Our Story

Brother was founded by longtime riders Matt Ogle and Theo Kotyk - two native Texans passionate about the two-wheeled monster. We believe that the greatest joy found within the art of scootering truly comes from the memories and alliances made along the way. Progression and prosperity are only supplemental to this joy. This core principle is our brand - to emphasize brotherhood within the local community so that the growth of our scene can evolve without forgetting why we picked up a scooter in the first place.

The concept of Brother Scooter Supply started as an observation. The state of our beloved industry had matured. Riders were rapidly progressing. Companies were booming. Yet our community did not feel as though it were thriving. For better or for worse, the scootering mentality had quickly shifted from a niche brotherhood of unified passion to a scattered array of worlds firsts and individual ambition. Despite the obvious forward momentum, we had become exhausted by the jock disposition. So we decided to create a platform that encourages both progression and community.

The way we run our company falls in line with our principles. We sponsor local riders in hopes of nurturing developing scenes. Riding events will be held to encourage camaraderie. Our content is structured to highlight the unique perspectives of riders, whether that be tricks, style or personality. We intend to do whatever we can to improve the quality of our culture. To anyone who supports our future vision of scootering, we give our gratitude. You keep us inspired to shred.